Project Management

About Colin

Colin has spent the last 35 years working within the building industry. 
With a passion and focus throughout his career on efficiency and quality control, he has always been an early adopter of technology leveraging systems to remove manual overhead and refocus teams and owners on working on their business rather than managing day to day. 

Over the last 5 years, Colin has become an experienced hands-on WorkflowMax user for the building and trade-related industries. In that time he has found WorkflowMax to be the best all in one system to look after all jobs from the time of the enquiry through to the payment of the final invoice. This has lead to him more recently becoming a Certified WorkflowMax Advisor so he can re-focus on supporting other organisations in implementing this tech to improve their businesses.

Changes in Businesses Systems

Gone are the days of the boss manually sorting everyone’s timesheets, ordering materials over the phone and trying to sort future work. With the introduction of computers and software tailored for the industry, huge advances have been made all with the one aim of allowing for more time for owners to work on there business rather than chasing money, sub-contractors, suppliers and staff.

Cloud-based technology is now leading the way, providing affordable platforms for all trades and businesses to know at any time how all jobs are progressing. 

Business owners and operators who implement these tools have more time to spend managing their business and greater visibility of their operations. This places them in a far better position to focus on growth and improvement, building resilience and allowing them to avoid risk and take advantage of opportunities within changing market conditions. Those businesses who do not adapt and change risk falling behind and losing to others who have adopted these modern strategies and tools

Why pick WorkflowMax?

WorkflowMax is perfect for many professions as the reality is the process of any job generally follows similar paths. The depth of functionality means that the system can be tailored to any and all trade-related business comprising of anywhere between 1 – 100 staff.

Cost-wise there is not a more cost-effective system anywhere to match, the subscription is monthly and all files are stored using cloud technology. No contracts required.

Why use a Certified WorkflowMax Advisor?

It may be tempting to look at implementing WorkflowMax in-house, however, with any new piece of technology there can be a large learning curve and understanding the best way of configuring and implementing the technology requires experience.

Configuring a system such as WorkflowMax without a strong track record of using and implementing the tech within your industry, may lead to costly rework and disruption to your business.

Feel free to direct any enquiries to colin@wo2go.co.nz and he will be more than happy to assist. We look forward to hearing from you.

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