We have been using WFM for some timebut not the way we should be!!

When we  initially looked at WFM we felt that it could do everything we needed…from lead/quote management through to job completion (including QA)

Our initial set-up was fine, but the “actual ongoing development/implementation” of WFM has fallen well short of where we should be with the “it”

We used two “entities” to assist with the implementation of WFM – one with an IT background (a user of WFM) and the other and Accountant (with Advisor Status) recommended to us by another WFM user company .

They were/are adequate to a point. However to implement WFM effectively with businesses that are “change/progressive focussed” the Advisor needs to have (or be trained accordingly) operational experience in using WFM and have the interpersonal capabilities or relating to all employees in all roles within that business.

WFM is an Operational System that should be run/managed by Operators, not “IT/Financial Gurus”

We have now split our business into (a) Full Supply & Install and (b) Maintenance and now run two WFM packages.

We still believe that WFM provides all the required Operational Framework/Processes…although there has been an “internal reluctance” to move forward with WFM.

Out of pure desperation (after emailing  your team, asking our accountant and giving our Advisor another go…with no success) we asked a business colleague whether they knew anyone. They recommended Colin.

Since Colin has been working with us (4 weeks plus) he has identified most of  the areas (moving target as the internal user skills are enhanced) we need to improve, held training sessions and has developed an excellent rapport with our key operational people.

His knowledge of the “building/construction process and project management” plus his WFM experience are a powerful combination. Put his “interpersonal skills ” and “flexible thinking capability” in the mix and you have just we were looking for!!

We strongly  support moving Colin to WFM Advisor Status.

John Varoy

Colin has run QS, installation, and project management for our signage installation requirements for a few years now.

He has been very professional and easy to deal with on each project, and is not afraid of putting in the hours, or the tool belt, to ensure jobs get completed to a high standard and on time.

It’s always good when you turn up to site and see you project manager with tools in hand ensuring that everything goes well and the job gets done right in the time allowed. His attention to detail and transparency on the paperwork side gave us confidence to leave the jobs with him allowing us more time to chase the next one.

Both our staff and client feedback have always been very positive about their interactions with Colin which is integral to our business model. He is a fantastic communicator and an all-round good guy.

Matt Anderson